“That’s just who I am”

“I’ve had this issue my whole life”

These are the kinds of things I hear from clients who over-focus on their past.

They’ve had difficult circumstances, particularly from childhood, and become locked into a negative story about themselves and are unable to change it.

They are defined by their past.

But here’s the thing –

Our pasts happened exactly as they should have.

They were perfect.

Here’s another thing –

There’s no point in fighting the past.

You can’t change it and expending tons of mental energy rehashing it and wishing it was different is a waste of time.

But it did shape who you are so you can love that part of it and learn from the difficulties it caused.

Beyond that, there’s not much use for it.

It’s time to focus on the road ahead.

Wanna shift your focus to be more future-oriented?

Here’s a neat exercise:

Write down the five most important things you want to see happen in your life?

Don’t worry. Most people struggle with this exercise.

The important thing is that you’re devoting more focus on the future.

The past is perfect just the way it is.

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