Being single for extended periods of time (and not wanting to be) can be attributable to any number of factors: being too picky, not taking risks or just making bad choices, to name a few.

What if you could eliminate the last one?

If you could improve the choices you make, doesn’t it stand to reason you will have more fruitful and lasting relationships?

In my experience with clients, falling in love with the wrong woman had more to do with them than the women they were concerned about.

Low self-esteem came up often.

Men with this issue picked women lacking in some way.  They stayed with them to feel better about themselves.

Looking to the woman to provide happiness.

This is another problem that has nothing to do with her.  A day will come when she can no longer make you happy and then where are you?

How you think about yourself and what you expect from your partner will go a long way toward determining success in the relationship.

So what DO you think about yourself?

And what DO you want from your partner?

Be honest.

Dig deep for the truth.

The reason you’re picking the wrong ones has nothing to do with them.

Look deeper.

This is a problem only you can solve.

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