There has been a long-held supposition that 93% of effective communication is non-verbal and just 7% is verbal – the 7% rule.  This comes from a 1971 book by Albert Mehrabian titled Silent Messages.  

Mehrabian breaks down the 93% by attributing 55% to body language and 38% to tone of voice.

While these percentages have been disputed over the years, one constant remains – body language is hugely important if you want to have a successful interaction with another person.

When it comes to approaching women, one particular non-verbal, posture, is critically important for conveying confidence and positivity. 

Here’s the basics:

Head high – maintaining eye contact (another important non-verbal communication) will help you keep your head up.  Most people have a tendency to shift their gaze – to the side, looking down at the floor, etc.  Keep your eyes on her and your chin up and you’ll have the right positioning for your head.

Back straight – I have an image for you – a tall, sturdy oak tree.  That’s how your back should be aligned.  If you don’t like the tree analogy, think of something else that’s straight and sturdy. 

Shoulders back – imagine two strings inserted into each shoulder from the back and pulled.  That’s how you should hold your shoulders – pulled back as if someone behind you was pulling the string.

Legs spread – this is used when you are standing, talking with a woman rather than during your approach.  Having your legs spread slightly wider than normal is a high-status behavior.  It conveys a strong physical presence.  It will also allow you to feel more rooted, more substantial. 

Good posture, like any non-verbal communication, is critical when interacting with a woman. 

Practice these four simple tips and you’ll start to see women responding positively to you before you even open your mouth.

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