So I’m watching the TV show, The Bear, and noticed something about the star, Jeremy Allen White.

“Wow”, I thought, “He’s really bulked up since he was in Shameless.”

There was something else I observed – it was my own reaction.

“He looks more masculine”, is what occurred to me.

While I’ve always figured women are attracted to men with muscles, I wondered if bulking up actually led to more dates.

And if it did, were there certain muscles women liked more than others?

Let’s be clear – attracting and holding onto a woman takes more than big biceps but if they help you get noticed, why not work on them?

Besides, having toned muscles communicates certain things to women – masculinity, strength, persistence, discipline and patience – all positive things.

Muscles also tap into a woman’s unconscious, evolutionary instincts – they signal you are fertile, can protect them and can continue the bloodline.

Which muscles do women like the most?

Abs – they are cited across multiple studies as the muscle group women find most attractive.

The classic “six-pack” is the model but that’s a high bar.  Not many guys over 40 have maintained that look from their younger years.

But just avoiding the opposite is a win.

Men with large amounts of abdominal fat have lower levels of testosterone, which translates to lower sex drive and trigger negative evolutionary reactions from women – unconsciously, women perceive big-bellied guys as weaker, unable to protect them and less suitable as long-term mates.

What gets noticed next?

The results are mixed.  Different studies placed glutes, chest, biceps and even forearms in the second spot so there’s no real consensus.

But one thing did show up in most of the studies – women like the V-shape.

That’s big shoulders, chest and back in relation to a narrow waist.

What else showed up in the research?

Women like a balanced look – that means strong legs in proportion to a developed upper body, so if you’re a guy who puts all his time into benching and curls, it’s time to do some squats and build up your quads.

There’s nothing revolutionary here – most guys know being in shape and having bigger muscles will get you more attention from females.

But if you’re a guy who has always felt your physical appearance is what holds you back from getting more dates, why are you not working on this part of yourself?

It will turn more heads if you do.

Isn’t that motivation enough?

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