This is such an interesting phenomenon. 

You’ve found the woman you’ve been looking for.  You’re great together.  You love being around each other.  Everything just clicks.

But then something happens.

You’re uncomfortable.

You focus on her shortcomings.

You pick fights.

And you do everything in your power to make her break up with you.

What gives?

You’re experiencing an identity crisis.

There’s a dissonance – what you believe no longer matches your reality.

Your self-image (“I don’t deserve this”) is in conflict with your success.

What happens next?

You feel like an imposter.  You’re afraid someone will find out that you don’t deserve the happiness, the love.

The thing you’ve always wanted is now the focus of your shame.

But let me tell you -you DO deserve love.

You ARE worthy.

You ARE lovable.

But there is still something you must do.

You must develop the skill of having success.

That’s right.  It takes practice to allow good things like love into your life.

The primitive part of our brain wants to find a problem so it takes effort to develop the capacity to have the things you want most.

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