There’s nothing worse than missing an opportunity to meet a woman.

Someone catches your eye and you hesitate. 

“She’s with a friend”

“She looks like she’s in a bad mood”

You will talk yourself out of it every time. 

So what’s a guy to do?

First of all, focus on you and what you like rather than being preoccupied with needing to meet someone.

Do the things YOU want to do.

Meeting women is what happens when you’re doing the things you love.

That’s when you’re most attractive.

The hardest part of meeting women is not thinking about women.

Next, don’t wait.

If you give yourself a pause, your mind will take over and talk you out of it every time.

Some guys count to 3.

I just take a deep breath and go.

The breath is key.  It oxygenates your blood which makes your body relax.

It also shifts your focus to your body and gets you out of your head.

Finally, have a fall back opener. 

Mine is “I couldn’t help but notice you and had to come over and say hello”. 

It’s basic but it gets my foot in the door and that’s what you want – a chance.

What’s yours?

Having something in your back pocket will help you be confident.  It also prevents your mind from gravitating to that inevitable question, “What am I going to say?”

THAT’S what you want to avoid!

To summarize:

First, focus your mind and your time on doing the things YOU enjoy.

Second, take a deep breath a go.

Lastly, have your fall back opener ready.

Seizing an opportunity takes skill and developing that skill requires practice.

Start with the first objective.

What is something you enjoy doing?

Make a commitment to yourself to do it this weekend.

Follow these steps and you’ll never have the regret of a missed opportunity again.

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