You met a woman on a dating app.  You start exchanging messages and pretty quickly you experience what all men go through at one time or another.

She’s slow to reply or gives brief, often, one-word responses.

Getting short shrift like this is discouraging, even infuriating, if it persists.

Why does a woman do this?

There are so many possible explanations:

  • She’s busy
  • She’s talking to multiple guys
  • You’re not giving her much to respond to
  • She’s testing you
  • You’re boring her
  • She wants you to try harder
  • She’s not ready to date
  • She’s not sure if she’s interested in you

And there’s many more.

It is almost impossible to discern why a woman – someone you don’t even know – is not being responsive.

And tying yourself up in knots trying to figure out why, won’t get you anywhere.

That’s why it’s important to take care of your own house in these situations.

Answer these questions and you’ll have more peace of mind:

  • Are you taking initiative to contact her?
  • Are you taking an interest in her by what you ask?
  • Are you sharing things about yourself like how you’ve been spending your time?

If you answered yes to these questions, you’ve been doing all you can to engage with her.

If she’s not holding up her end, you have to ask yourself, “How much longer do I want to do this?”

Look, if you really like her and think she just wants you to try harder, then go for it.

But eventually you’ll need to decide when you’ve had enough.

How do you know when that time has come?

When the situation becomes a distraction – when it preoccupies your thoughts and disrupts your life.

The most common reason for getting short shrift like this?

She’s not that interested in you but cannot tell you.

I know.  That’s hard to hear but it’s true more often than not.

For most guys, telling themselves this hard truth is the best medicine they can give themselves. 

And it’s something you should try the next time you’re in this quandary.

It will help you cut the cord and move on.

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