Did you know that men who are good storytellers are perceived to be more attractive by women?

It’s true.  In a 2016 study women rated men who could tell a good story as better potential partners for a long-term relationship.

One possible explanation is that good storytelling translates to an ability to influence others and gain social power.  This ability signals high social status to women, which is always attractive.

So how does one become a better story teller?

Let’s look to one of the best around – Margot Leitman, who has won multiple storytelling contests.

In her book, “Long Story Short”, she highlights six key factors:

Make her root for you – presenting yourself in an understated way helps.  She will want to pull for you.  Something like, “I’m the type of guy who roots for the underdog so after 15 losing seasons, I’m sticking with my team” will get her on your side.

Have a story in your pocket – this should be a story you’ve told many times before so it’s natural to you.  It’s fine to use one that might be unflattering.  If well-told, it can be endearing.  For example, “Driving in the country last night I got lost despite using my car’s navigation!”

Say how you felt – this might be the most important element.  The point of your story is less important than how it made you feel.  “After a year of training for the marathon, I felt such a sense of pride that I stuck with it”.

Beginning, middle and end – it’s very easy to drift and forget the point of the story.  To hold her interest, it has to flow and reach a conclusion.  Don’t ramble on about details that are not important.

Make it universal – think about her and what she can relate to.  If you start a story with “The day of my sister’s cotillion…”, chances are she won’t relate to that and will tune you out.  However, something like “During a family vacation at Yosemite…” will be much more relatable.

Don’t be boring – this is not about the story you are telling.  It’s about the life you are leading.  If you don’t have many stories to tell, it might be because of a lack of risk taking and trying new things.  Think about it – wouldn’t your first-time skydiving make for a good story?

Like anything else, storytelling takes practice.  Try practicing on your friends or family.  Think of a story in advance and roll it out when you have an opening.

Practicing on friends and family will help you feel more comfortable when telling a story to a woman.

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