One of the more common threads I see among the men who seek my services is the loss of their own personal power.

How they got there varies but the cause is almost always the same – a loss of purpose.

And that loss has a profound impact on all areas of their life.

Including their relationship with women.

If you’re not having the success you want in your dating life, the core reason could be that you don’t know what you want and don’t know where you’re going.

This lack of direction seeps out of you.

And women can smell it.

Here are goals you should be aiming for if you want to be attractive to females:

  • You pursue your own goals and don’t let your interest in her override those goals
  • You desire a relationship but don’t need one
  • You want to share experiences with her that you yourself create
  • You stay on your path to maintain balance in the relationship
  • You avoid neediness which usually steers you out of your lane, creates imbalance and instills resentment in her

Things go off the tracks for men when their fears overtake their purpose.

And it looks something like this:

  • You’re surprised when a woman is interested in you
  • You become “the nice guy” to ensure you don’t lose her
  • You become more dependent on her
  • Your fear of losing her overtakes you
  • She loses respect for you

Like it or not, relationships require a mastery of power – not a power struggle with her – a power struggle with yourself.

Your ability to lead in a relationship comes down to your ability to stay on course in your own life while simultaneously sharing your life.

Do that and you’ll retain your power.

And keep your relationship in balance.

Your purpose is usually a business or interest that you love to do, are good at, and preferably, makes money. 

But your purpose can also be taking care of your family or a spiritual path.  But it can’t just be to make a woman happy.

That’s a losing proposition.

While it’s important to be a good boyfriend or partner, your life goal needs to be more significant.

You need to light out on your own path, and let your woman follow.

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