There are certain immutable facts in the animal kingdom that serve as lessons for us humans.

One of them is that strong posture leads to dominance and mating.

It’s true.

The act of occupying more space is a power move.  It tells others “I am able to do things” and “I have a place in the hierarchy”.

How does one take up more space?

You stand up straight and extend your torso.

You extend your arms and gesture with your hands.

You spread your legs to widen your base.

Scientists refer to these movements as “postural expansiveness” and they’re highly effective.

Studies conducted in 2016 showed that men who gestured with their hands and moved their arms during speed dating, nearly doubled their odds of getting a ‘yes’ from their dates.

The same results were achieved during a study of online daters.  The researchers found that profile pictures showing tall postures with outstretched arms and legs got more yeses than those without.

This stuff works.

And it’s not like you have to make major changes to your dating habits.

Just be more mindful of your posture and gestures when on a date.

You could be repelling women without realizing it.

Standing up straight and gesturing with your arms and hands – taking up space – might be that missing ingredient for generating those positive vibes.

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