Thanksgiving has passed but if you haven’t yet taken time to acknowledge, at least to yourself, the things you’re thankful for, it’s not too late.

But try something different.

Instead of expressing gratitude for family and friends, try thanking yourself.

Being thankful to yourself is expressing self-love.

Try it out.

Here’s a few of mine:

I love how caring you are for others

I love that you always try to do the right thing

I love how you’re always striving to be better

Your turn.

Better to do it with a pen and paper.

What do you love about yourself?

Don’t blow this is off.  It’s important.

If you’re like most, you’ve probably never done an exercise like this before.

Need extra motivation?

It’s very hard to find love with someone else if you can’t love yourself.

Think of this as homework for meeting someone.

Are you motivated now?

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