Who doesn’t want to be with a beautiful woman?  But did you ever ask yourself why it’s so important?

It’s not just our evolutionary instincts to be drawn to beauty – because it leads to sex and children and furthering the species.

We make conscious choices of who to pursue.

But being drawn to a woman because of her physical attributes is only the beginning.

As the relationship moves along do you consider whether you are compatible?

Do you enjoy spending time with her?

Do you have shared interests?

The danger for guys who over-emphasize looks is they don’t fully explore the potential in the relationship.

Going deeper and examining drivers for relationship longevity like trust, communication and vulnerability is your best chance for success.

But if you remain focused on the physical, you’ll never get there.

The result?

An unfulfilling relationship.

The reason why men value beauty is because how it makes them feel when they’re around it. 

What that feeling is will be different for each guy.  It could be power, status, virility.

But like any attribute that draws you to someone initially, beauty is not enough.

It may be the reason you met in the first place, but it won’t be the reason you stay.

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