Recording a promotional video for your business.

Speaking at a conference.

Mastering a new piece of software.

These are the kinds of things that instantly bring up doubt.

They’re hard.

They challenge us.

But accomplishing them moves our lives forward.

Yet we avoid them like the plague.

If we could only get past the dread.

Dread is a combination of apprehension and fear with a tinge of heaviness. 

It hangs over us while we consider the action.

So we put off the thing that makes us feel the dread in order not to feel the dread anymore.

But here’s the kicker – we feel the dread anyway because we keep thinking about the thing we have to accomplish.

What defines a successful person?

Someone who feels the dread and takes action anyway.

If you’re new to these emails – here’s the model I teach to clients:

Your feelings, like dread, are caused by the thoughts you have.

Your feelings drive your actions and consequently, the results you get.

So normally I would teach you to work on your thinking to create different feelings that drive more action.

But that takes time.

And the bigger your goal, the faster you will need a tool to overcome the dread.

Say hello to the dread hack.

This shortcut requires willingly embracing the dread for a period of time until you can get the work done.

Instead of pushing the dread away or avoiding it, you befriend it.

You say to yourself “Today, I will experience the dread while I _____”

while I record a video of myself

while I get up on stage

You make friends with dread.

And here’s the good news – when you befriend it, you get authority over it.

And it no longer controls your life.

So what are you dreading right now that you know is important?

Try the dread hack.

It’s a game-changing tool to get you unstuck.

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