One of the reasons guys struggle with the first kiss is because they’re preoccupied by it.  They want it so bad they don’t even know if their date is ready for it or even wants it.

You always want to pay attention to your interaction with her – notice if she’s engaged, maintaining eye contact and smiling.

These are good indicators that things are going well and if there’s a possibility for physical contact.

Instead of focusing on the kiss, focus on having fun, being yourself and building a connection.

If you can do these things, you stand an excellent chance of the first kiss going well.

Next, gradually escalate throughout the night – touch her hand when making a point or touch her lower back while walking.  I’ll even push her shoulder softly and say “Get outa here!” when she tells me something surprising.

The key here is to establish physical contact throughout the date so a kiss later on doesn’t come out of left field.

Moving in for the kiss should be gradual too.

It should look something like this:

  • Get close to her
  • Put your arm around her or both hands on her waist
  • Make eye contact
  • Make a statement about her, preferably a compliment like “You are really pretty” (you have to mean it by the way)
  • Tell her how you feel (“I’m so glad I met you”)
  • Go in slowly for the kiss

Take your time.  Be gentle.  And leave her wanting more.  You should be the first one to pull away.

Ideally you want to go about 90% of the way, pause and let her come the last 10%.  Again, that avoids the “jolt” factor.

Do not lead with the tongue.  Gently press your lips then use your tongue slowly.

The keys to that first kiss are to focus on the interaction, incorporate touching throughout the date and take your time with the kiss.

Do that and she’ll have a first kiss she’ll remember.

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