This has been hot topic in business for years – categorizing people, even businesses, as having a fixed vs. growth-oriented mindset.

Those with the former tend to believe their personality is given at birth and cannot be changed.

Those with the latter tend to believe they can change their behavior and learn new ways of doing things.

Why is this important in dating?

Well, simply put, those with a growth mindset tend to fare better.


Because they work at it.

Here’s an example.  Let’s say there are two guys – one guy, Joe, has a fixed mindset.  He’s been in the same job for years, eats the same foods, likes watching baseball games most nights on TV, wears the same clothes as he did in the 80’s.  You get the idea.

Joe also has fixed beliefs about dating.  When he hasn’t had a date in a while, he says “It’s the women today.  If you don’t have a million bucks they won’t talk to you.”

Then there’s Scott who has a growth mindset.  Scott reads in his spare time to grow intellectually.  Scott is learning to speak Italian.  He takes on that challenge for a trip to Italy he’s planning.

Scott also has a growth mindset when it comes to dating.

When he hasn’t had a date in a while, he thinks, “What more could I be doing?  Maybe I’ll get professional pictures taken for my dating profile.”

Hear the difference?

Who do you think will be more successful in their dating life?

Which guy do you want to be?

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