As a regular meditator, I’m often on the hunt for inspiring messages that take my practice to another level.

This week I found one on the “Calm” app.  It’s called “The Indicator Light” by Jeff Warren, part of his “Daily Trip” series.

Warren describes his Toyota Prius that has a constantly flashing indicator light with no apparent mechanical failure connected to it.

Warren interprets the light as the old car’s way of saying “Gimme some love” and so he pats the dashboard in response.

Is the story a little corny?

Sure but it’s an effective metaphor for self-care.

And who couldn’t use more self-care these days?

We all have our own indicator lights that flash but we’re not so good at paying attention to them.

My lights are tension in my forehead and shoulders.  Once I notice them, I take a break, go for a walk or take some deep breaths.

Our indicator lights present an opportunity to ask the question, “What do I need right now?”

Just asking that question is SO important!

What are your indicator lights?

Do you pay attention to them?

Do you take the time to see what you need?

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