Did you ever ask yourself why?

Why is it that beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “she wouldn’t be interested in me” are easier to believe?

Because that’s what you’ve been feeding your brain.

Negative thoughts beget more negative thoughts.

Unfortunately, no one ever pulls us aside as kids and shows us how to use our brains.  You would think it’s so important that it would be taught in school, right?

Managing your brain so it works for you is the key to having the life you want.

Don’t take my word for it.  Look at the people around you. 

Who are the successful ones?

Think about the friends and family who are all of the following:

  • Financially successful
  • Consistently on time
  • Comfortable in their own skin
  • Well-liked by many
  • Have stable relationships
  • Rarely act out

I could go on and on.

These are the people who have figured out, probably on their own, how to manage their mind and get it to work for them.

How do you know when someone manages their mind well?

Just look at their results.

Do they keep their word? 

Do they finish the things they said they were going to do? 

They feed their brain positive thoughts.

Let’s flip the negative thoughts mentioned at the beginning.  Try them on.

“I am enough”

“I have a lot to offer”

Are they believable?


That’s ok.  Try one that is.

How about simply, “I am”.  Start there.

Feed that to your brain for a while and you can work your way up to “I am enough”.

Practicing good mental health involves tending to your mind, particularly if you’ve fed it a lot of negative beliefs over your lifetime. 

The negative stuff is not true.

Right now, you might be thinking, “Well, the positive stuff isn’t true either.”

Ok, I get that you might not believe the positive stuff either.

But if neither is true, why not believe the positive?’

Isn’t that a better option?

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