Coming on too strong with a woman is a common mistake many men make.

Whether it be through your words in a text, over-eagerness to make plans or overly sexual connotations in your messages, coming on too strong will cause a “recoil”, where the woman pulls back in some way.

Most women won’t say anything when they do it.

They will choose the least confrontational way of responding, which leads men to miss those cues.

So what ARE those cues?

  • She’ll make plans then cancel
  • She’ll delay her responses
  • Her texts will be brief
  • She’ll seem distant on the phone

If these things are happening, you still have a chance to correct yourself.

But without a correction, she’ll eventually ghost you.

A woman recoils from a guy when he’s doing something that isn’t in-line with what she wants.

And usually what she wants is the space to get to know you and decide if you’re a fit, but she needs to do it in her time and not be pressured.

To put it bluntly, if you tend to be overeager with women, you’re probably creeping them out and overwhelming them.

Before you even get to the point of looking for warning cues, take stock of yourself.

Ask, “Why am I so anxious?”

Often, it’s a man’s insecurities that lead to anxiety and over eagerness.

What is it about this woman that makes you nervous?

Are you feeling “less than” in some way?

What would you rather be thinking instead of those worrying thoughts?

Getting your mind right before you start with someone is critical.

Do that and you’ll never experience another recoil again.

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