For all the times you’ve experienced rejection and not known how to handle it, I give you the Rejection Antidote.

Let me explain.

Any rejection is disorienting. 

You’re feeling multiple emotions simultaneously.

And feeling stuck as a result.

You talk to your friends but that doesn’t help.

They side with you and trash her but neither gets to the heart of what’s going on inside of you.

What you need is a tool to process those emotions so you can move on.

Say hello to the Rejection Antidote – a series of questions that cuts through all those emotions and provides a sense of clarity.

But here’s the catch.  You can’t answer “I don’t know” to any of them.

You’re gonna have to dig deep to get through this but it will be worth it.

To drive it home, I’m going to fill in responses from a recent client to provide much-needed context.

Why are you hurt?

Because I liked her and she didn’t like me.

So what?

Well, I want to be with someone.  I want to find my person.

Has this rejection changed that?


What are you making this rejection mean?

That I’m unlovable

Is it true?


Does the rejection change how you will be with women moving forward?

No.  It’s not like I’m gonna give up now.

How could you have gotten a different outcome?

I don’t think I could have.  It comes down to what or who she is looking for.

If you had the opportunity to respond back to the woman who just rejected you, what would you say?

I’d say, you missed out on a great guy.

What emotion(s) are you feeling right now?

Sadness, anger, frustration, hopelessness

What do you think she is feeling?

Probably nothing.  She’s probably moved on and has not given it any more thought.

What do you want to do in response to the rejection?

Move on.  I don’t want it to occupy any more headspace than I’ve already given it.

How has this rejection helped you?

It’s hard to see it that way but I think it’s made me stronger – more determined.  It’s made me look at my own insecurities. 

We all need a way to deal with rejection – to deal with the hurt that can be overwhelming. 

Hold on to this tool.

It will speed up the mourning process and get you back on your feet again.

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