As part of our personalities, we’re all endowed with differing mixes of romantic and realist tendencies.

Is more of one better than the other?


But for those who lean more on the romantic side, love can be both rapturous and exhausting. 

Romantics feel deeply.

They seek out deep emotional connections with their partners but at the same time, tend to overwhelm their partners by pushing for that connection early in the relationship.

Wondering if you’re a true romantic?

If you check off most of the characteristics below, the answer is probably yes.

  • You feel your life is missing something but you’re not sure what it is
  • Being true to what you feel gives your life meaning
  • You want the world to see that you’re special
  • You speak your mind, even though others may not agree
  • You wish others could experience life as intensely as you do

The biggest challenge for Romantics is accepting that their partners may not be able to match their intensity.

If you’re a Romantic, bringing more realism to your outlook can help.

Getting past the early infatuation is a good start – Romantics expect that intensity to continue indefinitely. 

Give your partners the space to express their feelings toward you in their own way. 

Just because they don’t feel emotions as deeply as you, doesn’t make them superficial or inauthentic.

Few people actually allow themselves to feel their feelings and it causes all kinds of issues – overdrinking, overeating, oversexing – you name it.

But the Romantic doesn’t have this problem.

He feels everything.

But like any strength, it’s only valuable when used in relevant situations.  If overused, it becomes an indulgence.

Feel your emotions as your accustomed but don’t lose track of the more staid aspects of a relationship. 

Chances are your partner will value things like supporting one another or communicating effectively.

It’s not enough to have mutual passion.

Your relationships need those realistic aspects, which serve as the glue.

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