So not so good at reaching goals?

Do you know why?

Just Google it. 

There are tons of lists.

“Your goal is too vague”

“You procrastinate too much”

But these are superficial explanations.

They don’t reflect an understanding of what motivates people.

Goals are another word for dreams.

People don’t want to make a million dollars because of the stuff they can buy.

They want to make a million dollars because of what it will feel like to have that stuff.

It’s about the feeling.

That’s the secret sauce for reaching goals.

You have to ask yourself why you want to reach it.

Then ask yourself how you will feel when you do.

Do you want to feel powerful?

Do you want to feel pride?

Did you know you can feel those things right now?

You don’t need to reach the goal to feel them.

But you can use the feelings to motivate yourself.

The interesting thing about positive emotions is once you get good at creating them within yourself, you want to feel them all the time.

And continually setting and reaching goals allows you to do that.

You use the feeling as fuel to get there.

That way you can keep feeling those feelings once you do.

That’s the “Secret Sauce” for reaching goals.

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