Studies show approximately 20% of men are highly sensitive.  All men have some degree of sensitivity but only one in five have large doses of it.

Are you one of them?

I am.

Sensitive guys are not the alpha males.  We’re not the center of attention and don’t command the room but you know what?

Who cares!

There are a ton of great qualities sensitive guys bring to the table.  While many of these went unappreciated by girls in our youth, they are highly valued in adulthood.

A sensitive guy:

  • Takes an interest in her and asks questions
  • Has strong morals
  • Will encourage her and show his love
  • Will balance what he wants to do with what she wants to do
  • Is a good listener

What woman wouldn’t want a guy like this?

However, there’s a perception, and it lives in the minds of most sensitive men, that we’re not strong – that we’re “less than” other guys.

As a kid, I observed boys with big personalities and domineering presence getting noticed more – and rewarded more – they always got the pretty girl.

But it is precisely this adversity – not being noticed, working hard to be a better man – that made me strong and I’m guessing, made you strong as well.

If you identify as a sensitive man, you already have a lot of the things women want.

The question is, do you believe it?


Let’s get to work.

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