There is a dating practice you’ve probably participated in yet didn’t know it had a name.

Meet “The Situationship”.

What is a Situationship?

It’s a relationship without commitment and one that is not at all defined as to what it is.

It’s a relationship where you have interest in someone, but you are most likely dating others and therefore not ready to make a decision if you’re in or out.

Here’ how you know you’re in a Situationship:

  • You don’t meet each other’s friends or family
  • You don’t talk about the future
  • You haven’t defined the relationship
  • Communication is inconsistent
  • Everything is based on convenience

Situationships can be fun.

Until they’re not.

Eventually, one person wants more.  Or they need to know what the relationship is. 

And that’s usually the time when it stops being a Situationship and becomes something else –

Either no relationship – the relationship ends.

Or a real relationship that is exclusive, more personal and has commitment.

And that brings us to our next point.

How do you know if you should end it or jump in with both feet?

Usually you don’t – until you’re forced to.

The other person wants an answer.

Or they’ve started to define the relationship by doing something like inviting you to a family event or sharing some personal information about themselves.

This seriousness usually triggers something.

The fun is ending.

And if you’re not into her enough to want to know this part of her, it’s good that you’re being forced to hear it and take action.

Because a Situationship is dating limbo.

Think of it as dating practice.

It’s a fun, short-term pursuit you can use while you’re weighing your options.

But don’t kid yourself.

Situationships end quickly. Whether you want them to or not.

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