It’s been a while since I wrote about the dating world in the age of COVID so now’s a good time to see what “singles” have been up to.

An article on Fast Companyhighlighted some interesting stats from a study.

Here’s what stood out:

  • 63% of singles are spending more time getting to know their potential partners
  • 69% say they are more honest during their interactions
  • 76% say it is important that their partner shares the same political beliefs

What does this all mean?

People are taking dating more seriously.

They’re taking the time to get to know the other person.

Here’s another interesting nugget:

Seventy one percent said they haven’t had sex with anyone during the pandemic. 


Good to know I’m not alone.

For those who did have sex, 25% said it was with a “nonromantic roommate”, revealing the relative youth of the population sampled.

But for us older singles, without roommates, the stats referenced up top reinforce our predisposition even before COVID – that getting to know the other person will always be important.

Keep at it.

You may come away from the pandemic with a great love story to share.

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