There is no greater repellant of women than a needy guy.

In fact, this is the exact opposite posture you should be projecting.

How do you know when you’re being needy?

Here are a few examples:

You rush things – the first phone call, the first date, the follow-up call.  Why the impatience?  More often than not, it’s due to a lack of options.  Slow down.  Remember, she has to prove herself to be a good match for you and that takes time.

You fish for compliments – Why?  Because you’re not getting your self-esteem from yourself.  That’s where it SHOULD come from – not from her. 

You crowd her – you need to know what she’s up to all the time, most of your free time is spent with her, you insert yourself into her plans – you get the idea.  Your girl needs her space.  And you need to bring your own interests and friends to the relationship. 

Women can sense a needy guy within minutes of the first interaction. 

It doesn’t have to be overt.

They just sense something’s not right.

This is why you have to be super-aware of your tendencies.

Women can smell the stink of neediness from a mile away!

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