Was this one of the commandments?


I think it should be.

Many of my clients tend to hold a central space for women in their “orbit”.  Their thoughts consistently revolve around them – meeting them, attracting them and why they’re not finding the right one.

Why so much attention here?

Simple.  They haven’t developed other parts of their life.

Having an abundant life is key in the attraction game.

Is your life abundant?

Do a quick review.  What does your life look like in terms of friends, hobbies, fun, passions, creative expression and health?

Do you like what you see?  Is there a healthy balance there?

The definition of abundance is “an extremely plentiful supply”.  Feels good just saying it, right?

It’s even better living it.

Oozing life experiences and interests leads to contentment and self-reliance.

The bottom line is when you’re living a full life, you don’t need someone else and this posture naturally draws people to you, especially women.

Gone are the qualities you’ve secretly hated in yourself – neediness, jealousy and clinginess.

An abundant life will free you from the agenda you have with women – getting her to like you, getting her to date you and, let’s face it, getting in her pants!

Women naturally pick up on these vibes and will distance themselves from you the more you give them off.

What’s one area of your life you can develop and commit to right now?  Travel more?  Get your body in shape?  Pursue a hobby?

Pick one thing and stick to it.  Pursue it with passion.

Do that and you’re on your way to having an abundant life – and meeting more women as a result!


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