Men make up over 52% of online daters.  This imbalance, combined with the fact that men are usually the ones initiating contact, leave many women bombarded with messages.

What’s a guy to do?

For starters, your profile needs to stand out from the pack.  Here’s some tips to do just that.

Tell a story 

Everyone lists their interests.  Be different by giving details and showing how your interests impact you.  Instead of saying “I love to travel”, say “After a year of planning, I traveled to Rome and Florence to see Michelangelo’s three greatest works: The David, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.  I’m rarely in awe but these works took my breath away.”  Big difference right?


Maintain a 70/30 Split Between What You’re Like and What You Want

This is based on actual research. Profiles that devoted 70% of the text describing the person and 30% on what he wants out of life or his partner, were most effective


Tell Them What it Would be Like to Date You

Most guys leave this out altogether. Something like “When I’m dating someone, I like to handle the plans and usually look for new and fun things to do together.”  What woman wouldn’t want to hear that?


Keep it to 200 Words

That’s just long enough to give a woman a taste of what you’re about but not the whole meal.  Remember, you want to grab her attention and hold it.  If you go over 200 words, you risk losing her and she’ll move on.  Establishing a little intrigue and mystery is a good thing and saying just enough about yourself and doing so in an interesting way will leave her wanting more.


Focus on the Most Important Things

Remember when you applied to college and you could either list all the activities you were involved in or you could list the top-3 and describe how you led each one?  The latter approach got you accepted.  The same goes for dating.  If you’re into hiking, don’t just say that.  Describe how into it you are – “I go hiking every other weekend from Spring – Fall.  I love unplugging and feeling connected to nature.  My favorite place was out west – Big Basin in California.  Unbelievable redwoods!”  Get the picture?


Be Funny

I know.  This is hard to accomplish in a written piece, particularly if you’re not a great writer.  But try to throw something humorous in there.  It will pay huge dividends.  Women almost universally want to meet a guy who can make them laugh.  If you bring a smile to her face while she reads your profile, chances are she’ll respond.  Not sure what to write?  Try making fun of yourself.  Here’s an example – “Most nights you’ll find me in the park, playing with my dog.  I like to wear him out so he won’t keep me up late but wouldn’t you know, it’s usually me who passes out on the couch when we get home.”  Poking fun at yourself is endearing and will make her laugh because its relatable.


Change it Up

Your profile is an evolving thing.  You’ll get better at writing it as you take more shots at it.  Don’t leave it out there like it’s a picture on the wall.  The more you tinker with it, the more you’ll get noticed.  Change up your photo’s too.  Another benefit – every time you make a change, the dating service elevates your profile in its search results so you’ll get noticed more readily than other guys.


Hook Her at the End

While it’s usually up to the man to send the email, keep in mind, many women browse and will send a “wink” or a “like” if they’re intrigued.  They’ll do so if you end with an effective call to action.  Here’s an example.  “If you like exploring new places in the city and enjoy romantic moments with someone special, send me a wink…that is, if I don’t find you first!”  it tells her what you like and can share together while also nudging her to take action.

These are some tips that can transform your profile and get you noticed.  Try them out and let me know the changes you see.  Of course, you’ll also have to take action and reach out to women to get REAL results.

Does that seem overwhelming?  Schedule a call with me and I’ll show you how to break through it.

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