I’m raising my hand.

I’ve certainly gotten better in this area but I still have this tendency.

Are you picky too?

Being selective is fine.

But continually finding fault in women, a la Jerry Seinfeld,  is a sign of a bigger issue.

How do you know if you’re too picky?


You spend more time single than in relationships.

Psychologists say that picky daters use their pickiness as a defense mechanism to cover up their own fear.

Fear of commitment.

Fear of getting hurt.

Fear of being seen for who they are.

Everyone has some type of issue in relationships.

Even those who have been married for years.

Pickiness, like any issue for a single person, is more magnified, particularly for an older single, because of the stigma that comes with BEING single.

But don’t use that stigma as an excuse and prevent you from examining this issue in yourself.

It could be holding you back from being in a healthy relationship.

One way to overcome it is to write down the things you’re afraid of.

Feel free to trace back to your childhood.

That’s often where the fears originate.

Being more aware of your fears, reduces their power over you. 

And helps you be more accepting of yourself – and others.

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