Always a bit tricky, right?

We’re often afraid to touch early on because we don’t want to scare her off by being too aggressive.

But a hot make out session is not the only way to initiate touching with someone you like.

You can use casual touching that is both natural and non-threatening.

It’s also a good way to stay out of the friend zone.

This can be done in a non-creepy way and sets the tone for more intimate touching if things develop.

A few things to keep in mind when touching:

  • Make sure your intent is clean – if you touch her with an intent to get in her pants, she’ll know it. Don’t think sleazy thoughts.
  • Do it quickly – the quicker the touching, the less time she has for it to register, react to it and object.
  • Don’t look at where you’re touching – that tells her it’s pre-meditated and it will feel creepy. Casually looking away when you touch is a good practice.

Here’s a few ways to initiate casual touching:

  • When you greet her at the beginning of a date, take her hand and hold it for three seconds. Three seconds is just long enough to make it more than a handshake but not too long where it’s weird.
  • If she talks about working out, ask to feel her muscle. Flex yours first then motion to feel hers.
  • Tease her by poking, prodding or play fighting. If you grew up with a little sister, this should come naturally.
  • Observe her jewelry. Hold her hand to look at her rings or pull her hair back to see her earrings.

Touching is important for not only establishing interest but declaring intention.

A woman needs to know you’re attracted to her and are romantically interested.

A sure way to do that is through casual touching.

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