Vulnerability in a relationship is tough for most people, but guys in particular. 

Brene Brown said it best: “Being vulnerable means sharing the most important, authentic parts of yourself with someone who matters to you — and risking rejection.”

Being vulnerable is truly showing yourself to another person.

Why is that so hard?

Because of the second part – “risking rejection”

It’s scary to put ourselves out there, naked, with no cover.

Let’s say I told my girlfriend, “I’m afraid you might leave me – that you might see me as not man enough.”

That’s really personal!

Let’s say she recoiled and went silent, effectively rejecting me for the genuine fears I have.

I’m crushed.

Now, am I crushed because of her rejection?

Or am I crushed because of what I make her rejection mean?

I can make it mean “I’m unlovable” and that’s certainly devastating.

Or I can make it mean, “I guess she’s not ready for that kind of intimacy”.

Hear the difference?

Vulnerability is critical if you want to have a deep connection with someone but don’t fall into  the trap of using her rejection to mean something negative about you!

THAT is what will interfere with you being vulnerable in the future.

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