Did you know that verbalizing your thoughts has 10x the power as the same thoughts kept in your head?

It’s true and it applies whether you’re saying something positive OR negative!

Have you listened to yourself lately?

Are you complaining a lot?

Here’s what I hear clients say:

“It’s so hard to meet someone”

“There’s no good women out there”

“I’m never going to meet anyone”

That’s some really powerful stuff they’re feeding themselves.

Really powerfully negative!

Humans are notoriously negative when their circumstances suck.

You know what the best predictor of future success is?

Your next action.

Not your past experience.

Yet, that’s the way most of us see things – we think our past will define our future.

But it’s what you do next.

And what you do next is driven by what you think next.

And what you think next is amplified if you say it out loud.

So next time you talk with a friend about your dating situation, how can you phrase it?

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