Have you thought about this?

Most of us fall back on this notion that we’ll “know it when we see it” but the danger in this is that you’ll bounce in and out of a lot of relationships because you wait to evaluate what each woman is bringing.

That wastes a lot of time.

I have always been at the other extreme – identifying things she HAS to have – but that doesn’t work either.

I was often too rigid about how a woman needed to treat me and physical attributes she had to have so when she didn’t, I would get out quickly without giving her a chance.

Knowing your “wants” are important guideposts in your search for love but they’re not your destination.

I want a woman who is self-aware, kind and open-minded but what happens when I fall for someone who is not all of these things?

Is it over?

Knowing what you want in a woman is important – for you.

It helps you understand YOU.

And that’s important if you want to be loved by someone else.

Think about the things you want in a woman.

Be clear about what they are.

Write them down.

And once you find someone –

Throw them away.

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