How did you react to this question?

Did you panic?

It’s certainly not what we’re taught to consider, right?

Have you always expected to meet someone to spend your life with?

Why is it so hard to imagine the opposite?

Part of the reason we want to be with someone is because of what we expect to feel when we’re with them.

“I’ll be happy.”

“I’ll feel loved”.

But here’s the reality.

You can feel that right now.

If you can direct loving thoughts toward yourself, you will feel loved.

This is not to say being with someone isn’t great.  There’s a lot of good that comes with being in a relationship.

But the key here is in knowing where the feeling of love comes from.

You create it.  Not your partner.

You decide how loved you want to feel.

Depending on someone else to provide it and waiting for them to appear so you can feel it is doing yourself a disservice.

Why wait to meet someone in order to feel loved?

Don’t you want to feel it now?

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