Indeed.  Italian men have been widely acknowledged to be more charming, passionate and sexy than men from almost any other region.

Women swoon for these guys so the natural question to ask is, how do they do it?

Here are some hints:

  • They know how to flirt
  • They’re expressive – they tell a woman she is beautiful and mean it
  • They’re charming
  • They have a passion for life
  • They’re not afraid to tell a woman they want her
  • They make women feel special
  • They see special qualities in women that no one else sees

How’s that for a list?

No wonder women are drawn to them.

Now, there are certainly negatives too.  Italian men can come on too strong, even be stalkerish at times.  They might profess their love before they even know the woman.  Some can be arrogant or womanizing.

But let’s focus on the essence of Italian men and what we can learn from them.

They are free and not weighed down by neurotic fears or insecurities. 

They’re often smiling and playful and have a great sense of humor.

One of the reasons women are so attracted to Italian men is because they instill feelings in women that women want to feel – happiness, joy, pride and love!

Who wouldn’t want to feel those things?

And that’s part of our job as men, right?

To make women feel these positive feelings and therefore associate us with those emotions.

That’s how you get a woman to like you.

And that’s what Italian men know how to do better than anyone.

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