Here’s the scenario: You see a pretty woman.  You want to talk to her, but your brain locks up.

What do you do?

It helps to have an opener to fall back on.

While I usually don’t recommend using canned statements to talk to a woman, having one in your pocket that is both genuine and universal can bail you out when nervousness takes over.

There is only one statement, as far as I know, that fits this description and here it is..

“I couldn’t help but notice you and had to come over and say hi”

Here’s the trick though…you have to mean it.

Why is this statement universal?

Because any guy who feels a sudden attraction to a woman, really experiences a sense of urgency to meet her.  It’s an intuitive reaction that occurs before any thought.

It’s something you just have to do.

Until your brain jumps in.

And talks you out of it.

That’s why having the statement ready is so key.

It’s there before you over-think it.

It also captures exactly what you’re feeling.

And, it’s honest.

Of course, there’s more that comes after this (we’ll cover that another time) but for now, keep this one in your toolbox.

After all, it’s what you’re feeling, right?

And it works.


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