As another COVID variant rages across the country, I’ve been doing what a lot of people have been doing – staying in and catching up on some reading.

I pulled out a book from years ago and within the first few pages was reminded why I liked it so much.

The book is Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers.  I highly recommend it.

Did you know there are levels to your fear?

Level 1: surface fears

These are things that can happen (dying, being alone or just change in general) or circumstances requiring action (public speaking, changing your career or approaching a woman).

Level 2: fears involving your ego

These are things like rejection, failure or helplessness.  These fears have to do with your inner state of mind rather than external conditions.

Level 2 fears reflect your sense of self.

The deepest level of fear is level 3 – it’s the one that keeps you stuck.

It’s at the heart of every level 1 and level 2 fear.

Level 3 fear is…

“I can’t handle it”

That’s what most people don’t realize about fear.

It comes down to “I can’t handle it”, which is just an offshoot of “I’m not good enough”.

The good news is you CAN handle it.

You ARE good enough.

You’ve just been conditioned to believe otherwise.

First it came from someone else, probably when you were very young, and then you came to believe it once you had proof.

And then it became part of you.

To where now you don’t even realize it’s there.

Until it rears its head.

And you’re blocked from accomplishing something important to you.

Fear is learned behavior, which means it can be unlearned and a new way learned.

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