A lot.

Most people rarely do this but saying a person’s name several times in conversation is huge for establishing rapport.

How effective do you think it would be when chatting up a woman you’ve just approached?


We all like to hear our names.

We feel recognized, understood and appreciated.

“Stacey, do you really think I’m going home with you just because you smiled at me?”

Whether it’s a joke, question or statement, using her name will generate positive vibes because it’s makes your conversation more personal, more intimate.

And subconsciously she’ll feel better about you without knowing exactly why.

You know what else works well?

Using your own name.

For the same reasons – it’s more personal and intimate.

It also has the added benefit of reminding her of your name, which makes you more memorable.   

And that’s always good.

Telling a story is an easy way to do it.

“I always knew I was in trouble as a kid when my mom would use my full name – Alan David Levin, get in here.”

Try using names more in everyday conversation and it will naturally seep into exchanges when approaching someone new.

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