If you’re like most guys, you’ve spent considerable time focused on your own thoughts when it comes to approaching women.

But have you really contemplated what she’s thinking?

Most guys do not.

Intrigued by this topic, I scoured the internet to get some answers.

It turns out that most women are just as nervous during a guy’s approach as he is.


I was.

It turns out approximately 90-95% of men experience approach anxiety.  That means there’s not a whole lot of approaching going on.

How does that translate to her?

First of all, she’s not used to those interactions.  Second, she’s likely feeling ignored.

The end result?

She’s feeling a lot of insecurity herself.

Another finding from my research: women like it when you approach them.  Who knew, right?

They consider it a compliment and they’re rooting for you to succeed.

So why do men have such a hard time approaching?

For starters, they’re too focused on what they’re thinking and not focused at all on what she’s thinking.

Your mission for this week: approach a woman but instead of your normal thinking (questioning, doubting, etc.), say to yourself, “She wants me to succeed”, “She’s hoping I come over” or “I’m doing what 95% of guys can’t” – something positive.  Create your own if you prefer.

Whatever you decide to use, it’s probably steeped in more reality than what you’re used to thinking.

A good way to get out of your head is to get into hers.

And the more you do it, the more courage you’ll find in those critical moments.

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