We all have them. 

You know, the guy you model your game after.

For Michael Jordan, it was Julius Erving.

For Tom Brady, it was Joe Montana.

Even the best of the best draw inspiration from others.

Why should talking to women be any different?

Who’s mine?

Hank Moody.

That’s right, David Duchovny’s character from the show, Californication.

Granted, he’s not a real person but he’s still one hell of a role model. 

Check out this scene.

He’s so effortless, so natural.  He really doesn’t give a damn yet never comes off as arrogant.

His easy sense of humor and quick wit are catnip for women.

Now, I’m not suggesting women swoon like this in real life.  Gorgeous bikini girls rarely talk up average guys in a store.  But that’s not the point.

The principles of how Hank carries himself can be learned AND, duplicated.

When I watch him on video, I observe his body language – how he tilts his head, his wry smile.  He’ll use self-deprecating humor.  He’ll talk to himself. 

And he’ll do all these things without the self-consciousness of feeling watched. 

I actually have some of the same traits but they’re undeveloped. Watching Hank brings them out even more.

So who’s your Rockstar?

Who do you want to model your game after?

Pick someone, whether in real life or from fiction, and observe everything you can.

You’ll be amazed at how it can take your game to another level.

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