The simple answer is because they’re beautiful, right? 

Aren’t men inherently enamored with a gorgeous woman?  Isn’t it in our DNA?

To some extent, yes – pretty women often cast a hypnotic spell on men.

But it’s not because we realistically think they’ll sleep with us.

Part of that “spell” is due to the power of first impressions.

Our minds are always looking for easier ways to process information and forming an opinion of someone based on our first interaction is just easier, on our brains.

And when beauty is involved, that first interaction triggers an affect, a raw emotional state, that leaves an indelible mark on us.

What happens next is the “Halo Effect”, which is when one trait dramatically shapes the perception of all other traits.

If you see a beautiful woman, you are more apt to see her as intelligent, creative and successful. 

The Halo Effect has been validated by numerous studies.  One such study was conducted in 1974 but is still referenced today. 

Researchers gave essays to subjects with a photo attached to it. Some received an essay with a photo of an attractive woman, others an essay with a photo of an unattractive woman. The participants were asked to rate the quality of the writing.

The result?

Participants who were given essays with a photo of an attractive woman judged the essays as better written, more in-depth, and more creative.

The catch?

The essays were identical.

Attractive women, no doubt enjoy all kinds of advantages.

But as a guy, it’s important to understand the forces at play so you’re not swept up by them – so you can be more aware.

If you meet a beautiful woman, the last thing you want to do is be entranced by her looks.

That doesn’t position you to be at your best and she certainly doesn’t want another guy moved solely by her appearance.

The guy who doesn’t let her get away with stuff is the kind of guy she wants to be with.

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