Never mind what some guys will tell you – every man gets nervous when it comes to approaching a woman in public.

Some will brag about how good they are at picking up women.

Others will show a quiet, natural confidence.

But make no mistake, every guy at some point in their life had to overcome genuine nervousness, even anxiety, to approach a woman.

You’re probably like most other guys – you interact with women every day.  So why is it so different to talk with a woman you’re attracted to?

Fear of rejection?

Fear of embarrassment?

Let’s assume it’s both of these.  What would you do if you could feel these fears and not be intimidated?

Would you approach?

What would your life be like if you felt free to talk to any woman you were interested in?

Pretty damn good, right?

It’s possible.

The reason why approaching a woman is so hard is because of what you expect to feel when you do it. 

If you expect to feel nervous, tongue-tied, intimidated, guess what?  You will.

The guys who are successful talking to women have done it enough to have failed many times and recognize that the failure, the embarrassment, the rejection wasn’t so awful.

They learned to feel these emotions instead of living in fear of them.

And so can you.

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