What the…what?

That’s right.  It’s not about your looks.  Not about your money.  Not about your job.

Women want to see that you have a purpose in life and that you’re striving to reach it.

I love this concept.  Thank you Andrew Ferebee who poses this in his book “The Dating Playbook for Men”.

Women lose interest in guys who talk more about their vision than actually pursuing it.

Pursuing your desires and dreams is sexy as hell.

Doing so casts you in a more masculine light.

Why is that attractive to women?

Because it allows them to step into their femininity.  It reassures them they won’t have to shoulder part of your masculinity.

This allows them to trust you, which is good.

So the obvious question is – What’s your purpose?  And even more important – Are you pursuing it?

Want to know a great way to work on this?  Hire a coach (wink, wink).


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