No, I’m not talking about your looks.  I’m talking about how you put yourself together – the appearance you put out to the world.

This can be a “thing” for some guys, maybe you.

Guys in general don’t think their appearance matters much and to put too much focus on it is, well, feminine.

I’m not suggesting you should go clothes shopping every week but there are certain basic things that, if ignored, could really hurt your chances when approaching a woman.

A study published in 2015 by Dr. Peter Jonason, a psychologist at the University of Western Sydney, found that the biggest turn-off for women was disheveled appearance.  Sixty three percent of the women cited an unclean appearance as their top relationship deal-breaker.

Another study from 2010 revealed that women size up men in the first three minutes of the interaction.  Among the things they evaluate in that time is appearance.

Here are the minimum things you should take care of before going out:

  • Clip your nails (and no biting them down to the nub!)
  • Shave
  • Make sure your breath is clean
  • Iron your shirt
  • Wash and brush your hair
  • Shine your shoes

These are the basics. There are more things you can do to look sharp but if you’re not taking care of these, get to it!

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