Just as it sounds, dating triggers are the things women do and say that lead to negative reactions from men.

Everyone has dating triggers but some are more harmful to a budding relationship than others.

In 2022, I wrote a blog about attachment styles and those are at the heart of your triggers.

If you have an “avoidant” style, these are likely to be triggering for you:

  • She crowds you – texts you frequently, wants to see you constantly, etc.
  • She constantly pushes you to reveal what you’re thinking and feeling
  • She wants alone time with you
  • She wants to integrate you into her life, meeting family and friends early on

Conversely, if you have an “anxious” style, here are things likely to trigger you:

  • She’s slow to respond to your texts
  • Dates aren’t happening as regularly as they used to
  • She doesn’t include you in plans with her friends
  • You sense she’s pulling back, being distant

If you’re like most guys, the scenarios above will trigger anxiety and then anger but we don’t show either, right?  We’re guys so we bury them.

But the anger leaks out in little protests or a fight you pick or you say something rude.

And it damages the relationship, particularly early on.  These types of responses might be allowed once you’ve been with someone for a while but if you’re just starting out – forget it.

Most women won’t tolerate them.

Dating triggers can ruin a relationship before it even starts, which is why it’s critical you be aware of yours and take steps to minimize them.

You need a way to regulate your emotions.  Unfortunately, most guys are not good at this.

The primary job of an emotion is to be felt so if this is foreign to you, your triggers will undermine every relationship you get in.

If all this resonates for you, it’s time to sign up now for one of my free mini-sessions so I can start helping you through this.

A small percentage of people fall into the “secure” attachment style, which means chances are you are either avoidant or anxious when it comes to attachment.

And that means you have triggers.

It’s time to be honest with yourself and start working on them.

They could be the reason you’re single right now.

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