This is really important.

Your inner world, and the power you generate from it, is critical to being a confident, balanced man.

In order to maximize your power, you need to be able to remain calm during stressful moments.  To do that, you need to quiet your mind.

Your brain wants to run all the time.

Left unattended, it will rehash your past and worry about the future.

And that’s all it will do!

To shift your inner world for the better, you need a practice – something that slows down your mind.

For me, it’s meditation but that’s not for everyone.

Some pray.

Others walk in the woods.

Find something that allows your mind to focus on one thing – maybe some deep breaths – that blocks everything else out.

I can tell someone’s inner world right away.

Are they uneasy, talking fast and disorganized?

Or are they calm, purposeful and patient?

The inner world you create goes a long way toward determining the outer world you project to others.

Quieting the chatter of your mind enables you to be more present in each moment.

And better connected to your true self.

Do you think that’s attractive to women?

You bet it is!

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