I’ve written before about guys and checklists – the list of attributes they want in a woman.

I’ve also indicated that these lists, while seeming helpful when asked what we’re looking for, usually don’t come to fruition in the women we choose.

But here’s a caveat.

Each guy should have their “must-have”.

This is the thing that is critical to you in a relationship.

Here’s an example.

“I have to be with someone I trust”

Here’s another.

“I must have someone who is self-aware”

If you have a list of 10 of these, they’re not “must-haves”.

A “must-have” is one thing.

It is your one deal breaker.

It’s about identifying an attribute that stands for who you are and not settling for less.

This is to help you know when a woman is not a match.

This is to deepen your understanding of YOU.

How do you know if your “must-have” is valid?

You have to like the way you feel when you think it.

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