You probably already know the answer, right?

It’s fear of rejection.

Most men are afraid to approach women because they expect to bungle the interaction and get rejected as a result.

So what?

What is so bad about rejection?

Well, it’s the worst, right?  There are few things we fear more.

It’s why the fear of public speaking is more prevalent than the fear of death.

The potential for embarrassment is so great, that it’s not worth it to even try.

So we don’t.

And we figure out ways to get around the fear while still pursuing our objective (to meet someone).

We join online dating sites.  We try to meet women at work.  We look to friends to set us up.

Hopefully these roads lead to a potential partner, right?


But these paths are limited and dependent on others.

They take our own self-determination out of the equation, which, by definition, is the process by which a person controls his own life.

Our sense of independence and mastery fades. 

And so does our confidence.

Wait a second.  If we need more confidence to approach women, why do we do things that will diminish it?

Because we’ve convinced ourselves these other methods will suffice, that they’ll get us to our goal.

We rationalize.

It’s our brain’s way of avoiding something even more painful. 

So why is this the path we choose?

We think we’re keeping ourselves free of some negative emotion but what we’re really doing is trading one negative emotion for another – fear instead of rejection.

What is worse?  Feeling rejection or feeling the fear of rejection?

You feel the former if you try and fail.  You feel the latter if you don’t try at all.

With the first, we experience it in the moment, and it’s gone.

With the second, it’s with us all the time.

It’s with us when we think “I could be doing more”, “I should have talked to her” or “What’s wrong with me?”

We prevent ourselves from taking control because of the fear of feeling rejection.

Are you tired of feeling afraid?

Are you ready to try a new way?

Click here and let’s get started.

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