“And which guy would that be?”

“You know.  The guy you’ve always wanted to be.”

“I don’t know who that is.”

“Yeah, you do.”

“It’s the guy you’ve always pictured you would be.”

We all have this ideal, this vision of who we want to be. 

The guy who gets things done.

The one who sets his mind to something then goes after it.  The same guy who probably doesn’t tell anyone of his intentions.

He just acts.

He’s the guy who gets the girl.

He’s the one who gets the promotion.

How does he do it?

He overcomes his mind.

We all have the primitive brain that talks to us from a place of fear – “Don’t do it.  It’s scary.  Something bad might happen.”

It’s really only concerned with our survival.

But THAT guy takes action anyway, knowing full well he might be rejected, humiliated or outright fail.

Take meeting women, for example.  There are guys, and not many at that, who will approach a woman they simply “have to” meet.  They don’t give themselves a choice.

Are you THAT guy?


That’s ok.

But the truth is, anyone can be THAT guy.

The guy who lives his life as the best version of himself.

The guy who keeps promises to himself. 

Do you find yourself telling friends you’d like to meet a special someone but then give reasons why you can’t?

“It’s women today.  All they’re after is money.”

“I hate online dating and that’s the only way to meet anyone”.

“All the good ones are taken”.

If you find yourself making excuses, chances are it’s because you feel powerless to take real action.

And that’s ok too.

No one has ever told you there’s another way.

But I will.

You CAN overcome your brain.

You CAN be the guy who gets things done.

You can be THAT guy.

Click here and I’ll show you how.

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