The most common issue presented by my clients is hands down – approaching women.

Even the most confident guys are reduced to JELLO when it comes to talking to a woman they’re attracted to.

It turns out, a disproportionate number of men with this challenge identify themselves as introverts.


I’m not.

As an introvert myself, I’ve experienced firsthand the difficulties of approaching women cold.  But it wasn’t due to a lack of social skills.  It had more to do with my inherent nature.

Introverts tend to get overwhelmed by too much stimuli – loud noises, crowds, many people moving around, etc.  This explains part of the reason why introverts have difficulties approaching women in a crowded bar, club or party.

Another aspect of introversion that can be a challenge is novelty – new places, new people and new experiences.  An introvert’s familiar territory is their inner world – thinking, creating and solving problems.

The outer world?

Not so much.

Maximizing their experience with their outer world requires practice, patience and repetition.  It comes much less naturally to introverts than extroverts.

Does any of this resonate for you?

If so, you probably have introvert tendencies at a minimum.

But hey, this isn’t a bad thing.  It’s just who you are.

While no official numbers exist, recent studies suggest introverts comprise roughly 40% of the population so you’re not alone!

So what’s an introvert to do?

Rely exclusively on online dating sites?

Absolutely not.

The best online dating strategy is multifaceted and strictly using online dating dramatically extends the time it will take to meet a compatible partner.

Introverts CAN meet women in public.  It just takes preparation and practice.

Here’s some basic steps to get you started.

First, find your sweet spot.

What’s a place you feel most comfortable?  The park?  A cafe?  A hiking trail?

Focus your strategy on places you enjoy and spend more time there.  You’ll have the added benefit of crossing paths with women who like those places too.

Next, decide on an opener.  I’ve written a few blogs on this  – direct openers and go-to openers – but there are plenty of other examples on the web to draw from.

Nervousness will most definitely set in, particularly if approaching is new for you.  Having a universal opener gives you a fall back.

Next – and this is really important – set a realistic expectation.

Most guys get too nervous to approach or fumble significantly because they make the objective “finding a girlfriend” or “getting a date”.

How ‘bout “I just want to have a conversation with her” or “I want to practice talking to women”?

Walk before you run.

All this sounds easy right?

Not so fast.  It’s simple but not easy.

Executing depends on your ability to manage your mind and not let critical, self-defeating thoughts intrude.

Remember, those thoughts were created over years of trying to navigate an external world that might not come naturally to you.

For you, it might take extra work.

Are you up for it?

Good, click here and let’s get started.

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